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Competitors from the WSL divisions are able to compete in these divisions



This is one of the most exciting displays of surfing on longboards. Developed for anyone riding a 9ft board,  competitors will be scored solely on the manoeuvres they perform whilst on the nose of their board. Judges will be looking for more than just hanging five and ten, more radical manoeuvres like hanging  heels, front foot/heel hang, back foot/heel hang are some of the maneuvers in the repertoire of modern noseriding.



There is a bit of history in this division with surfers being able to choose between surfing an Old Mal or a Modern Log. Old Mals are boards that were created prior to the shortboard revolution in 1967.  As the years have passed there are fewer and fewer Old Mals to be found so Modern Logs were developed. These Modern Logs are inspired by Old Mal shaped boards and are designed to bring a more traditional style of surfing back to the surfing arena. Judges will be looking for more traditional manoeuvres like good footwork and a smooth style.



There is more surfing history here for anyone riding a pre 1981 thruster era board, that is the twin-fins and single fins, from the pre 1981 Simon Anderson era. This division may be a mixture of old single fins or twin fins or modern retro (pre thruster era inspired shaped boards).Surfed with a exhibitionists aplomb, it feels as though retro surfing enthusiasts have travelled back in surfing history exhumed the surfboard relics from a bygone era and applied them to the modern surfing culture. The return to decades-old surfboards has recreated the way that we think about surfboards today, altering the landscape of many lineups.  


8ft Open

Often the most agressive of the longboard disciplines, the 8ft division is for anyone  looking to be  the most progressive surfer. Here you will see floaters, 360's and power surfing. Not too many noserides in this division.


Wacky Wave

Here is a chance for you to let your hair down, wear your wackiest outfit and be as wacky as you want all for a good cause.  All entry fees go to mental health inititives.