World Surf League Longboard Qualifing Series

WSL LQS entries are now open as the countdown is on for the Australian Longboard Surfing Open.


The largest World Surf League sanctioned longboard event in Australia, this year’s event has equal prize money of $5000 for both the Volte Wetsuits Men's LQS and the Cancer Institute NSW Women's LQS divisions.


The World Surf League Longboard Qualifing Series attracts past, current and future world champions to compete in arguably some of the worlds best waves ...more


Specialty Divisions

Competitors in the LQS with a WSL World rating can also enter the specialty divisions, Noserider, Logger, Retro and 8ft but no amateur divisions


Noserider: This is one of the most exciting displays of longboarding where competitors score only on manovres done from the nose of the board.


Logger: There is a bit of history in this division with surfers being able to choose between surfing an Old Mal or a Modern Log but to score they must mimic traditional moves from the 50's and sixties  


Retro: From the late 60's to the early 80's boards became shorter and shorter and the surfer was doing things that those on longboards only dreamed about.


8ft: - for anyone riding a 8ft board Judges are looking for the most progressive surfer


Wacky Wave - for anyone in fancy dress, All entry fees go to mental health inititives ...more


Amateur Divisions

Are for competitors riding a 9ft board

Competitors in the LQS without a WSL World rating can enter the specialty divisions and the amateur divisions. Amateur competitors can enter the specialty divisions.


Surfing Australia Rules and regulations apply for amateur divisions unless stipulated ...more


Stand Up Paddleboarding

The first stand up paddle surfers emerged in Waikiki after the end of World War II, when the post-war tourism boom saw cruise liners bring thousands of tourists to Hawaii. Many wanted to try their hand at surfing. The Hawaiian beach boys were called upon to teach the sport and to photograph it so the tourist had a memento of their surfing exploits. The Ah Choy brothers, Leroy and Bobby would hang a Kodak around there neck and paddled into the break standing on a redwood board. This went on at Waikiki right through the ‘60s and ‘70s.


SUP  Open Amateur for SUP surfers competing on 10ft SUPS

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